Monday, May 17, 2010

Losin' the inches!!! WOOT WOOT!

And yes, I just did a "woot woot" in the title of this post. I'm excited though. I started Week 4 on Saturday and I measured myself today. Here's the breakdown of my measurements:

Thigh: 24.5 (down 1.5 inches)

Hips: 41.5 (down 1.25 inches)

waist: 35.75 (down .25 inches)

Arm: 12 (down 1 inch)

How excited am I? I think the waist could have been a little lower, but I was feeling a bit bloated today. That's ok, I put on a pair of shorts yesterday that two weeks ago you would have been embarrassed to see me in public with them on (I'm talking full on camel toe here people). Yesterday, they were "form fitting" but not embarrassing. That's always a great thing! It's like shopping again without having to spend any money!!!!

So Wednesday, I'm leaving for Tennessee. I had talked to my mother earlier today and she asked me "So, you ok with taking a week off from running?" My response, "oh I'm not taking a week off." She was kind of speechless....something that isn't done very often with my mother! Lets just hope that I really do run the entire time I'm away! I'll compete week4 on Wednesday and week 5 should be scheduled to be completed on Tuesday! Fingers crossed!

I'll try to update while I'm away, can't make any promises though :-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm shaking in my boots!!!!

To step on the damn scale! Why? I don't know. I have this sneaky feeling inside it's not going to tell me something I like. Part of me wants to really bust a$$ between now and Monday. Figured I'd step on the scale Tuesday morning, and then when I get home from my trip to Tennessee (we leave Wednesday morning). I didn't step on last week. Today's Thursday, it's my normal weigh in and I didn't step on it today either! Why am I so scared? Probably because I know I haven't been tracking well. I've been keeping up with my running. Ugh WHY WHY WHY!!!!!

So I don't think I've mentioned this, but next wednesday, I'm going away to Tennessee to see my sisters youngest child graduate High School!!! A week later he's heading off to basic for the National Guard. My nephew's all grown up! At least I know I'll be having plenty of lean meat while I'm down there. The have venison like there's no tomorrow!!! So lean and so yummy! I also plan on running while I'm away as well. Hopefully I can get a little bit better while I'm away.

I really don't know why I'm this way. Why am I still so scared of the scale? Why is it still so evil? Ugh, Why is my head all over the place today? Maybe tomorrow will be better? Maybe?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another week down....

Another week of C25k started! I started week 3 yesterday. It's a 5 minute warm up walk, 90 second run, 90sec walk, 3min (yes that's minutes) run, 3 minute walk....repeat! And I ran every minute I was suppose to, and not a second short! I'm really feeling like I'm starting to get my stride going, which is the purpose of the first few weeks, finding your stride, then working on distance. Having the right stride is so important. It'll make you run longer....both in time and distance, and it will also help reduce the chance of injury. I'm still a little sore especially when I start a new week of C25k.

This weekend was a pretty good weekend. I roasted a turkey. Probably not done in the most healthiest ways. I rubbed the turkey with a mix of butter, lemon zest, rosemary, and fresh garlic. I ground black pepper on the top after I finished rubbing it. Then, about evey hour, I basted the turkey with chicken broth, lemon juce and wine. I also stuffed the turkey with a gluten free stuffing that my mom had picked up a while back. (OMG I'm drooling thinking about this meal!). From the basting, drippings, etc, OMG the gravy was heavenly!!!!! I also made mashed potatoes with garlic, pepper, and low fat sour cream. I also roasted carrots, broccoli, and asparagus as well with LEVOO (that's Light extra virgin olive oil), sea salt (just a little), garlic powder and black pepper. I didn't add any salt to anything except the roasted veggies (and that was just a smidgen). The gravy was pretty salty from using the premade chicken broth. So now, we have a ton of turkey left over. Might make Turkey Tetrazinni one night, not sure about the others!

Tonight I have my Pampered Chef meeting. I might stop at Wendy's for dinner. I know, I know, before you tell me, "Jami...that's not very healthy OR low carb!!!" I have a plan! I'm going to get myself a side salad, no dressing and a small chili. Honestly, that fills me up plenty! Plus I'll have room to have some soda or coffee at our monthly meeting.

Oh and good news of the weekend....I've started tracking all my foods and exercise this weekend!!!! I need to be consistant with that, like I am with blogging (have to say, this is the longest I've kept up at blogging!!!).

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yay! It's Friday!

So Excited! Mom and Dad are coming up tomorrow night. I'm making either a roasted chicken or roasted turkey. Possibly with stuffing, potatoes (might do those mashed as a treat), roasted veggies (carrots, asparagus and broccoli). No dessert, we're not much of dessert people. But I will be indulging in a few Vodka and sodas (or crystal light lemonade). This week wasn't a great week for me weight wise. While I did finish my "Week 2" of C25K, I will be going out and doing the third day again. I just felt all sorts of horrible when I ran on Wednesday, I figured that I'd give myself one more run day, then on Sunday, start Week 3. My main challenge this weekend, try not to over indulge in food or drink. Especially the mashed potatoes. I'm also making gravy (with corn starch, not butter and flour rue), and I'm hoping to have the majority of the grease skimmed off the top too to make it just a weeeee bit healthier.

So I can't say that I did well this week. I didn't track (BAD JAMI), I didn't feel great at all, and I feel that I've gained all the weight I've lost last week. I was so excited, and then BOOM down the crapper. So part of my entry the other day is that I want to be proud of myself....and I'm going to start doing that. And that includes tracking every day. That's an accomplishment to be proud of, why not start there? I'm proud that I've done 2 weeks of the Couch to 5k series! I might even start throwing in some push ups or crunches after I've run. I'm keeping it to small things to be proud of. Small accomplishments add up to one large accomplishment! And that's where I'm headed....towards that one accomplishment!

What are some of your small accomplishments?

Monday, May 3, 2010

And I was doing so well....

At blogging that is. Life blew up but I'm back now. As of today, I've finished week 2 of C25k. I might do one more run with Week 2 because yesterday, I wasn't feeling it at all. Sore, tired, even with pushing myself. I felt very lost yesterday. I also need to do my weigh in for the week as well, and my 2 week measurements. Hopefully there is a little improvement in my weight and inches.

One thing I was thinking about the other day, why now? Why am I actually sticking with this now? Why not keep up what I was doing 3 1/2 years ago? I mean it's so much easier to keep the status quo than it is to change it. I looked good, felt great, had a ton of energy....then it all went away? But yet, I was so scared this past year to actually do anything about the way I looked or the way I felt. Did I want to be miserable? Hell no, I've been there done that before. Do I really want to be overweight? No!!! Close shopping is more fun when you're in shape and have an awesome figure. The more weight you gain, the less fun it is. Especially when most of the tops out there now are very flowy and make someone who has extra baggage look like a tank! I mean I wanted to look like I did when I met Mr J when I had my boudoir pictures done. Now, I forever have myself immortalized, practically nekkid, myself.....about 40lbs heavier than I want myself to be., I'm keeping up my hard work. I want to be proud of myself. It's been entirely way too long since I've felt that way about myself. It's usually pity, disgusted, embarrassed, etc. I'm working towards proud.....

Friday, April 30, 2010

Note to self: Don't celebrate a weight loss!

Last night Mr. J and I had plans to meet up with a person at work that we're friends with. Went to one of our favorite local bars (miss you Mad Raven!) and had a good time. I had a few Smirnoff Watermellon and Soda's (stayed away from the Sprite). Then we decided to order Spinach and Artichoke dip....because we all needed something to munch on. I didn't realize how hungry I was because I practically hate half the dip! Ugh! Bye bye 3.4lb weight loss! Then on the way home Mr J was hungry. I made the decision to stop at Wendy's. LOVE me some Wendy's. But I was good, I had a side salad and a small chili.....and only ate half the chili. That could have been a disaster in itself if I decided to get whatever I wanted!

So in follow up to the podiatrist, I am going to have surgery (YAY....can't you just hear the excitement?). Mr J and I just have to figure out a date. But in the meantime, he had given me these really awesome foot supports. Let me put it this way. My feet are so flat, and have been for so long, that these supports are beating the crap out of my arches, and actually making my bunions feel worse. Awesome huh? Sigh....well, I'm still hoping to go out to start my Week 2 for C25k today! I hope I can make it all 30 minutes.

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jigga What?!

That ugly white thing next to the Porcelain God that I stepped on this morning told me that I lost 3.4lbs?! Trust me, I stepped back on that thing about 3 or 4 times to make sure that it wasn't wrong. Maybe it isn't so ugly and mean after all. We'll see next week if I curse it's name or not. Either way...HOLY CRAP! I'm flipping excited!

So last night I went running, finished my Week One of C25K. Can I say, it really is possible to both freeze and sweat your ass off? I ran in 40 friggin' degree rainy drizzly weather. I didn't want to miss one more day of I made myself go. I'm glad I did. I feel as though I'm starting to run better now. Week 2 starts tomorrow! Just a wee bit more running than week one and a week bit less walking. I should be getting my new shoes soon so hopefully it will be easier to run. The sneakers I have are pretty old. I used them for my second triathlon almost 4-5 years ago.

Today I also go to see a podiatrist. THIS I'm really nervous about. I've had bunions all my life, and now at 28 years old, they're really starting to hurt A LOT. I'm not nervous about the possibility of surgery, being out of work for a while, etc. I'm nervous about not running for a while. I JUST got into working out again. I enjoy this a ton and I'm really motivated right now. Then again, it also took me 3 months of having Week one downloaded into my mp3 player before I actually got out. Like the title of my blog, I want to go from my flabby self to a fabby self. Sitting on my a$$ on painkillers while could be nice, will probably just keep me flabby for a while longer. I don't want that. So fingers crossed for me today where either (a) I won't be unable to do a damn thing for a while, or (b) surgery will be after the summer where I can work out, look smoking and already be in shape come surgery time. That way it's just a wee bit less hard to get back in shape!